The holiday countries in Europe where pets are most welcome

The holiday countries in Europe where pets are most welcome
By Evi Sanders, Nov. 12, 2017

Is your pet welcome in your holiday home. This appears to vary considerably from one country to another. HelloLodge has carried out a survey of 55,000 holiday homes in Europe. In total, pets are welcome in about 40% of the holiday homes in Europe.

The graph shows the percentage of holiday homes in a country where pets are welcome. The size of the circle indicates how many holiday homes there are in a country where pets are welcome. The larger the circle, the more holiday homes you can visit with your pet (s).

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all pet-friendly holiday homes in Italy
all pet-friendly holiday homes inFrance
all pet-friendly holiday homes inSpain

What is immediately noticeable is that even in top countries such as the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium and Italy, pets are welcome in only about half of all holiday homes. This is a missed opportunity for all homeowners who like to rent their house but where pets are not welcome. Because there are large groups of people who like to go on holiday with their pets. On the other hand, the situation is much better than in Croatia where less than 10% of holiday homes allow pets

It is of course positive that the most popular holiday destination countries Italy and France are in the top 5 and that also in the third most popular holiday country, Spain, there are enough holiday homes to rent where pets are welcome because of the large number of holiday homes in Spain.


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