Holiday homes near selected ski areas

Holiday homes near selected ski areas
By Jim de Roo, Sept. 5, 2017

HelloLodge has made a selection of the best ski areas in Europe. These may be the best because they are the best for family vacations or because they are best for off-piste skiing or have much to offer for the advanced skier. If you go to the ski area page you will see our range of holiday homes in the vicinity of the slopes. On the map you will also see the slopes and lifts so you can find your ideal holiday home. Close to the ski lift or more quiet and just a little further away.

Ski areas for beginners and families

Especially for you we selected a number of smaller ski areas ideal for beginners. These areas are usually cheaper in terms of accommodation and ski passes. With smore sloping slopes and more blue and red slopes and less black. You will not find the Swiss Wall or the Austrian Harakiri here, but fun for old and young and fun at the piste and in the bars. Ideal for skiing holidays with smaller children.

Ski areas for the advanced skier

These ski areas are ideally suited for the advanced skier with a wide range of red and black slopes. Of course there are also ample opportunities for less advanced skiers.

The steepest slopes in the Alps

For real die-hard, the four steepest slopes in the Alps.


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