Holiday homes in Italy with private pool

Holiday homes in Italy with private pool
By Jim de Roo, Sept. 5, 2017

When children think of holidays, they naturally think of a spacious swimming pool where they can enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves. But adults also want cooling when it’s thirty degrees and it’s too hot to do anything. For this reason, a cottage with private pool books is probably on top of your list when planning your vacation. In some parts of Italy, temperatures may be quite high in summer, and your own swimming pool is not an unnecessary luxury. Are you looking for holiday a home with a private pool that you can call yurs this summer? Do not look any further, as we will be happy to help you.

Enjoying your own holiday home

Are you still torn between between camping, hotel or holiday home? That’s understandable, every one of these has it’s advantagess. At the camping you often have a swimming pool at your disposal and can enjoy the sunshine in front your tent or caravan, while in a hotel you can sleep in a lovely bed and have your own bathroom at your disposal. For people who are in doubt, a holiday home is the perfect solution. A holiday home offers you the best of both worlds. Enjoy your own private pool and have plenty of space to sunbathe, barbecue and breakfast in your own garden and sleep in a lovely bed and have access to your private bathroom. In addition, a holiday home gives you a lot of privacy and you can enjoy your own family or friends. A definite win-win.

Book a holiday home

If you have already decided that your holiday home must have its own swimming pool that’s ok. Still, there are some things to think about before booking a holiday home. First, it is important to think carefully about the region where you want to stay. If you want to spend most of your time in your holiday home, then it’s a matter of choosing a sunlit region. Do you want to see some of the surroundings? Make sure your holiday home is near a big city or train station so you have to go as far as possible in the car. Also note that there are certain conditions or rules attached to booking a holiday home. Per owner, this can vary greatly.


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