Holiday in Burgundy

Holiday in Burgundy
By Jacco Peters, June 28, 2017

Every week, we highlight a holiday region in Europe. This week Burgundy. And some TOP 10 lists of holiday homes in Burgundy.

What is the first thing you if you think of the Burgundy region? Probably good food. Burgundy is known for its quality regional products. Several cheeses are produced here, such as Cendré d’Aisy (a cheese made with brine and wine), soumaintrain (a cheese with deliciously golden crust, and soft on the inside) and Charolais (goat cheese). You will find eight vineyards and Burgundy is famous for it’s Pinot Noir. Other grape varieties are also represented. In addition, you can enjoy special dishes such as Coq au vin (cock in wine), Boeuf Bourguignon (beef) and snails.

History of Burgundy

The history of Burgundy dates back to Roman times and the region has changed from kingdom to duchy and finally region of France. This history can be found in the many monuments. Think of the castle of Cormatin or Bazoches with the beautiful castle gardens, the Renaissance castles in the Yonne or the picturesque village of Vézelay. But Burgundy also contains an important place from pre-historic times, namely the Rock of Solutré. It is an ideal combination to first visit the tourist attractions and then have a good time out for dinner.

Beaune, the main city in Burgundy with it's traditional roofs

Active vacation in Burgundy

Burgundy is also great for sporting activities, even though this region is not especially known for it. You can do a lot of water sports such as swimming, diving, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, rafting, hydrospeed, wakeboarding, body racing, pedalo, windsurfing, beach volleyball, rowing, sailing and boating in a yacht. In addition, you can also go cycling, climbing, mountain climbing, ultra light flying, ballooning, motorcycle riding, quad biking, karting, fishing, archery, paintball, horse riding and golf. However, if you finally get bored in Burgundy, you can not blame the Burgundy.

Staying in Burgundy

Where should you spend the night if you have planned a holiday to Burgundy? There are many different choices for this. You have beautiful historic hotels, which make you feel like in the 17th or 18th century, the Ligny-le-Châtel or Hôtel de Diane for instance. But there are also fully furnished cozy and picturesque holiday homes. Of course you can also be economical and stay back to basics at a campsite. Do you like the water, think about a houseboat. And if you’re adventurous, go for an unusual experience in a treehouse, for example.

Top 10 list of holiday homes in Burgundy


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