Holiday homes in France, where dreams come true

Holiday homes in France, where dreams come true
By Jacco Peters, June 24, 2017

Would you like a perfect holiday home in France to enjoy together with your partner and/or children, friends or family. A home in a picturesque French village in rural surroundings, between the mountains or at the coast? Or maybe in a the cultural heart of a city? No matter where it guarantees an unforgettable experience which you, your partner, friends and family will remember for the rest of their lives.What better than to enjoy a good gglas of wine in a lavender garden against the backdrop of the quiet farmers live or a beautiful mountain-scape.


Even if your holiday would only be enjoying the surroundings and have a delicious diner and drinks, it would be worthwhile to choose a holiday home because it immediately gives a very relaxed atmosphere far away from the hustle and bustle. It does not have to be expensive, while the children or grandchildren can swim in the swimming pool in the garden.You have total privacy and can do what you want without having to You experience the life of the French. Therefore, it is advisable to go for this additional experience.

Top 10 holiday regions in France

Are you planning on visiting historical monuments? The best regions to go are Normandy, Brittany, Midi Pyrenees, Poitou Charentes, Aquitanië, Centre, Cote d’Azur or Pays de la Loire. For food you definitely want to go to Burgundy. Are you you looking for beautiful landscapes you can go anywhere in France but the most highly praised regions are Languedoc-Roussilon, Poitou Charentes, the Midi Pyrenees, Aquitane of Normandy. If you want an active vacation your best bets are Rhône Alps, Auvergne, Pays de la Loire or Centre.

Holiday homes in France, buying or renting

If you want to stay at the same location for many years the best choice is to buy a holiday home in France. It doesn’t have to be expensive ruins that can be changed into beautiful holiday homes can be bought for as little as € 6500,- If you want more luxury from the start you need to be prepared to spent some more money, but even then you should be able to find really nice holiday homes for under € 100.000,- If you prefer to rent you should be able to find something nice for under € 300,- per week. With the advantage that you can visit another French holiday region every year.


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