Enjoy the summer in a holiday home in Tuscany. Italy

Enjoy the summer in a holiday home in Tuscany. Italy

Every week, we highlight a holiday region in Europe. This week Tuscany. And some TOP 10 lists of holiday homes in Tuscany.

You haven’t decided yet what you’re going to do this summer? You want to enjoy a great relaxing holiday with family or friends in a beautiful country. Consider Italy with lot’s of beautiful places where you can spend a most enjoyable time during the warmth of summer. take Tuscany for instance. According to some the most beautiful region of Italy with impressive cities, culture and beautiful natural;l surroundings overflowing with olive trees, cypresses, lemon groves, rolling hills and yellow sunflower fields. Add to that the generous, delicious food. You won’t be disappointed when you choose a holiday in Tuscany. So what ware you waiting for?

Luxurious holiday homes in Tuscany

Tuscany is best enjoyed from luxurious holiday home far away from enormous campings an hotel chains. It gives you the opportunity to get to know the country as it really is and to avoid the massive streams of tourists. It offers privacy gives you the opportunity to spend your time on your own travel companions. And it’s usually far more economical than staying in a hotel. Italians understand that a holiday home is the perfect setting for an enjoyable holiday. That’s why you will find a broad selection of holiday lettings in Tuscany. Are you looking for a small one close to for instance Florence. Or are trying to find a larger one in a quite setting where you can enjoy a pool with you family or friends. Whatever your wishes we always have a holiday letting that is right for you.

What does renting a holiday letting in Tuscany cost?

If this sounds tempting to you and you’re asking what does a holiday home in Tuscany cost. It all depends on what you want, we have a large selection of holiday homes in Tuscany with lot’s of different prices to choose from. The prices depend on the location of the house, easy acces to the beautiful Tuscan cities, distance from the airport, the size of the house, wether it has a pool or not and the vailable animities. A week in the high season starts from € 259,- but you can easily spend thousands or even over ten thousand Euro on a extremely luxurious villa


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