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Document version: 1.0
Last update: Jan. 24, 2017

BCR Applied Software

HelloLodge is an initiative of BCR Applied Software. It's our responsibility to protect your privacy concerning our website. This page describes what information is collected, what it is used for and how we protect your information.

Contact details can be found at paragraph questions and feedback.

What information do we collect

We collect information when you submit a form. You may be asked for contact information such as name, address, place and email address.

Submitted information is stored in our database.

Cookies are used to collect specific information, please refer to our cookie policy for a detailed description of what data is collected using cookies and to what purpose.

What is the information used for

The collected information is used for various functions on the website:

  1. To improve our website. For instance publications and articles could be tuned on frequently used search terms
  2. For promotional purposes. For instance to send gifts via regular postal services. Please notice within this category the information is only used for the purpose of that single form unless the visitor agrees to a wider range of promotions/advertisement.

How do we protect your information

HelloLodge implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. Amongst others all website traffic is encrypted and the website is hosted on dedicated machines.

Disclose information to outside parties

HelloLodge does not share collected information with outside parties.

One exception concerns data collected for website analytics purposes; please see our cookie policy which describes that all collected data is anonymized and in addition our analytics partner is not allowed to share the data with other parties.

Your consent

By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy

Question and feedback

In case of questions regarding this privacy statement you may contact us using the information below.

BCR Applied Software
Eikakkerhoeven 95
5242KM Rosmalen
The Netherlands
Chamber of commerce registration: 60017864
VAT number: NL164798699B01

Changes to our privacy statement

Changes and/or developments of this website may lead to changes in the privacy statement. In such events the privacy statement will be updated which is reflected in the document version and date of the last update.