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Do you own a holiday home, lodge or appartment that you would like to rent? Or do you manage a number of accommodations, as an agency? and are you looking for ways to reach a wide audience at minimal cost?

It's all possible on HelloLodge with our own platform!

What do we have to offer?

  • Access to your (private) administrative environment.
  • Describe your accommodation using extensive possibilities, including unlimited (fair use) number of photos and support for English, Dutch and German.
  • You decide when the accommodation is available for rent or not, we provide a simple solution to update availability.
  • Our goal is to bring supply and demand together on our platform; the visitor will then contact you directly via an (email) form or via a deeplink after which you complete the offer and reservation yourself.
  • We have multiple domains where your ad is published.
  • Access to our Help Center with frequently asked questions and a ticket system to ask questions directly for commercial or technical support.
  • No hidden costs, no startup fee, no network/bandwidth fees.
  • Subscribe for a fixed low price per year or to our no-cure-no-pay Startup plan that only charges for actual bookings or subscribe to our free plan.
  • Free trial! You create an account for free after which you have access to our environment (note that publishing your ad is not possible without a valid subscription).

Advertise you holiday home for free

Homeowners can advertise for free with us by subscribing to our free plan. Free means you pay 0 € subscription fee and you pay 0% commission on bookings.

The free plan is offered under the following conditions:

  • You will be required to place a backlink from your own website to your ad on our website.
  • We also ask you to keep the ad (including the calendar) uptodate so that visitors get accurate information and can close bookings.

Why Free?

You may wonder why our service is offered free of charge? The answer to that is simple; It is our ambition to create a marketplace for holiday rentals, which is only possible if we provide a complete overview. Next to professional offerings this also requires offers from private home owners and that is what this action is intended for.

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